Another Easy Yummy Protein Recipe

Another Easy Yummy Protein Recipe

Within our last blog we mentioned a few protein coffee options. We decided to try another one of our favorites. Let us know if you try or have any tweaks to the recipe! 

Powdered Protein Coffee

  1. 1 cup of your choice of milk, I used almond milk but oat or coconut milk are also delicious.
  2. 1 scoop of powdered protein of you choice. We used 1st Phorm vanilla flavor and it mixed great with a frothing wand. Keep in mind some proteins are harder to mix than others with hot coffee. 
  3.  if you are using cold coffee you will most likely need to blend all ingredients together in a blender. The advantage of this is you can also add oats, or fruit to make it more into a coffee smoothie.   
  4. I like to top mine with a little cinnamon and non dairy whip cream

Macros: Calories: 130  Total Fat: 2.5g  Total Carbs: 3g Protein: 21g





We hope you try it and enjoy. Let us know if you try it, like it, and/ or what you changed. :)


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