Our Story

Where did the love of coffee come from? Well As a child both parents had to work to make a decent living. Our grandmother use to babysit and since our parents worked early I was dropped off before the break of dawn and was still asleep. When I would wake up at my grandmas, it was cafecito time! ( coffee time!) Of course since I was still very young it was warm milk with chocolate Quik for me and actual coffee for her. She taught me to dip my pan dulce (Mexican bread) into my cafecito and boy was it delicious. Over the weekends when my parents didn’t work my father would always let me dip my bread or cookies into his actual coffee, even though he hated bread crumbs in his coffee. As I got older I was allowed to drink the last sip of my fathers coffee.

Coffee became our morning routine. It became our way of expressing culture and bringing our whole family together on weekends. Cafecito y pan ( coffee and bread) became essential for morning chit chats and an excuse for late night conversations. On the weekends it was how we would start our mornings and end our days.

When my father would leave to work in the mornings my mother would always pack his morning coffee in a to-go mug and his piece of bread in a napkin so he can eat on his long drives to work. The smell of coffee in the mornings reminded us of family and culture. We want to be the reason why someone smiles in the mornings. We want to be able to bring that feeling of family unity to your family.

Core Values

Believe: Believe in the vision of the brand and our commitment to service, and believe in the supportive culture of our business. But most of all, believe in yourself and ability to play an integral part of our success and service to our tribe.

Loyalty: Embody loyalty for our customers who support us and make our brand the success that it is. We also exercise loyalty towards The Hestia Grinds team as we all work together to provide the best customer experience possible.

Inform & Learn: Lead by example as a lifelong student on the quest for knowledge and experience. The Hestia Grinds team constantly strives to learn from our daily experiences to improve the customer journey and our business.

Initiative: The Hestia Grinds team are innovators who pride themselves in taking initiative. We don’t fit ourselves into a static job description. Instead, we reach out and anticipate needs and solve problems. We take full responsibility for our actions and our brand and always do the right thing.

Equanimity: The Hestia Grind's team is made up of regular people who experience big wins and challenges, just like anyone else. We want real people representing our brand, but value those who stay composed in difficult situations and strive to do better for our customers and team.